Graffiti heart with eyes looking quite sad plus figure 52 in corner — black and white
Image: Author’s own

An unusual name. Not one I’ve heard before.

When I say it out loud, your voice lifts. ‘You’re the first English person who said it right first time!’

Surely not… the first English person in… 52 years (not 50 like your profile on the dating app states — do lies…

Image: Author’s own

‘For every decision you make now’,

our friend told me in the hospital waiting room,

‘ask yourself one simple question, “Will this help him to survive?”’

I stood by that guiding principle. For dear life (yes, literally), I clung to my new mantra.

But now, as I watch him slowly…

Photo by Julienne Erika Alviar on Unsplash

Planning an escape from your joy-sucking, spirit-crushing job? Here’s a model to adapt as you like.

Subject: Resignation
Reference: Staff Number 12345

Dear Mr. Big Boss Man,

Per Article of the Staff Regulations, I now tender my resignation from The Grey Sheep Mind-Control Corporation effective from today’s date because:

Here you may pause for a second, but no longer than a second. Take a deep breath.

Now, stop thinking. Just let…

Buddha plaque on stone wall
Image: Author’s own

Have you noticed how suddenly it’s everywhere?

From your best friend to your whacky Cousin Josephine, and from your super-smart boss to those neighbours opposite with the orange voile curtains… they’re all at it!

‘What’s that?’

I hear you asking — although, probably not, if you’ve read the title.



Smiling child in sparkling sea ready to splash
Image: Author’s own, ‘Good Vibes’

It’s hot inside
We’re cramped, heat stifles
The kids need out
Mountains from trifles

I’ve loads to do
In overwhelm
I just need out
escape the helm

I flick a switch
radio on
The Beach Boys sing
that catchy song

Of waves and sea
happy Cali
Of course they’re right
it’s time to…

Eilidh Horder

Just picking up pebbles and gazing out to sea.

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